USB Security

USB Security is the next generation of password protection for data storage and attached peripheral devices. Its primary function is to prevent hacking and data theft. The importance of USB security is greater than ever with the escalating range of digital media data being infected with viruses, malware, spyware, or adware. It is very important for the information stored on these devices to be protected from these potential threats. There are a lot of advantages associated with USB security. One advantage is to allow devices to communicate with one another more efficiently than with traditional data networking.

This is particularly useful when multiple data storage devices are in use at the same time, or when numerous devices need to be connected. Another benefit is for security. With the security of USB pass-through blocks, data can only be passed through the secure portion of the connector. This prevents the possibility of allowing data to be copied or altered. Additionally, it reduces the amount of electrical power needed for data storage.

To protect data a computer must have a security guard built-in. However, sometimes the only option available is using a software tool to protect the computer from external threats. The software tool can run in the background without interrupting normal activities.


These software tools are designed to be very easy to use. Once the software is installed on the computer, it is turned on automatically. In order to initiate USB security functions, a button has to be pressed or a mouse click followed by a password provided. Once the security features are turned on, all drives that are connected to the computer are then scanned for malicious objects. If found, the malware is removed and the drive is closed.

The software tool is also useful for performing other purposes such …

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5 Types of Social Engineering Test

Social engineering is the application of social engineering tactics to influence people into disclosing sensitive information without trust. This process takes advantage of the target’s vulnerability and emotional response to make them cooperate and give up sensitive information for rewards. There are different ways by which an organization can be attacked through social engineering. Some of the techniques are physical, logical, cultural, informational and personal.

Security vulnerability Testing examines how easily people can be compromised. There are different types of security vulnerabilities and each has a different effect on an organization. For instance, information technology (IT) penetration tests the level of an organization’s ability to protect its sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and other financial information. Computer network security tests the integrity of networks and their applications that connect the computers of multiple business and government entities.

Psychological attacks refer to psychological attacks on an individual like emotional attacks and social engineering attacks. These attacks may take place through the employment of manipulative tactics, devious plans, trickery and persuasion. Psychological attacks can be perpetrated by employees, customers, suppliers and even government and military personnel. Security vulnerabilities in human errors can also allow attackers access to networked computers. Network attacks are conducted through worms, Trojans and viruses that execute different types of attacks in an instant and can penetrate various networks.

Social Engineering Test

Behavioral Testing is a type of cyber security attack that examines the behavior of an attacker or hacker. Cyber criminals and hostile hackers often have specific routines and strategies. Through behavioral testing, an organization can determine which of these strategies are used by a hacker and which methods are employed by a security professional. It tests a company’s response time, operation procedures, and employee familiarity with a specific crime or attack. Companies conducting a social …

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What Is Crypto Malware?

What is Crypto malware? A newer name for malware, cryptosporx is an extremely difficult type to detect and clean up. If you’re working on a security company’s list of threats, you’ll need to take steps to protect your company from becoming a victim. Many companies don’t even know they have it running on their computers, because it works in mysterious ways.

“worms” attack works by using network exploits and can infect any number of computers. Most worms are installed onto computers through secret downloads or automatically downloaded programs. Once installed, they are difficult to remove because they are running invisibly in the background, gathering information about your browsing habits and sending the results back to the attacker. This type of malware can hijack control of your computer, lock system files, or deny access to certain systems on your network. Because it is impossible to determine what is encrypted without cracking the code, cryptosporx is a nightmare to defend against and repair.

Ransomware is one of the more traditional types of malware, and has been around for many years. Basically, it is a virus that pretends to be an actual software application and then locks your system until you pay the requested amount of money. In the old days, it was common for businesses to give away free software like this as a marketing scheme, promising the customer that if they purchased the software they would receive a free version of the product for free. While not-existent now, there are still many variations of ransomware available, ranging from the old “free forever” viruses to a new version that demands payment after the first version has been installed.

When a user is infected with malware like this, what usually happens is that the malware’s author creates a worm, or worm embedding, that …

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How to Stop Cryptocurrency Mining Malware From Infecting Your Computer

Cryptocurrency penetration testing is a special form of internet security testing that checks for anything that would let hackers in, like username and password theft. It is also used to test the websites security and credibility, and to find out how well the website security is maintained and updated. Commonly used in the banking and financial industries, there are several varieties of these that are all over the internet today. This is what makes it so dangerous and if left unchecked could end up damaging the company or business entirely.

Cryptocurrency mining malware or sometimes referred to as ransomeware is software specifically created to mine Cryptocurencium, which is a very lucrative source of income for several criminal organizations. This kind of malware mines Cryptocurencium by capturing user session logins and connecting with the Cryptocurrency mining servers. Then it captures user input and sends them over the network to the main server to be analyzed further. Once a miner has captured the correct output, it will send the user’s private information back to the server which can include personal and financial data.

It is a very good thing that it is very easy to detect and remove so once you spot the problems, you should take action immediately. This is because of the fact that more cryptocurrency mining malware comes out each day and is becoming more difficult to detect and stop. Some of the most popular malware that has been released in the past have generated revenue for the cyber criminals behind them. Because of this, it is vital that you know how to get rid of this malware to prevent further damage to your company or business.

Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

In order to get rid of the threats that are now presented to businesses and individuals alike, you need …

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