Most people know the two types of companies that have been hacked: The ones that were not, and the ones that were. But what about the other type of companies that have been hacked? How do you protect your company from the next group of hackers? Is there really a way to tell if a company has been attacked before or if a new attack has just happened? The answer may surprise you.

First, we must begin by examining why cyber threats are increasing: These attacks are not happening anymore! A popular viral tweet posted on the hacker forums states: “Cybersecurity is dead, it’s time to go to work”. I personally cannot agree with this sentiment, and believe strongly that cyber threats must continue to grow until each and every company is protected, or else cyber criminals will continue to find new ways to attack companies that have been previously protected. It is only logical that if a company has been previously protected, they must continue to be protected.

In many of the cyber attacks against large companies, it appears that the hackers look to simply breach enough to get access to the companies’ databases and personal records exposed through the database. They then use that data to obtain credit card numbers, employee names, email addresses, bank account information, and any or all of the other things that can be exploited in order to take advantage of you and your company. Is it any wonder that the numbers of major corporations that have been breached are in record numbers? Most people don’t understand the severity of data breaches because most of the damage is contained within the first 72 hours. However, it takes a long time for companies to discover that their systems have been breached.

Companies That Have Been Hacked

One of the problems with cyber crime is that most people do not realize that if their data breach was detected and reported in a timely fashion it could result in huge fines or charges being filed against the hackers or syndicates responsible for the breach. This does not happen as quickly as you might think. This is why it is important for businesses to understand the importance of performing the annual Do Not Call List check as well as knowing the various federal laws that apply when it comes to data breaches. Many businesses have data breach insurance policies which shield them from the financial consequences of being found guilty of federal laws that apply to electronic mail. This means that you can protect your business without having to worry about being sued by the hackers.

Even though most data breaches are the result of human error, there is still a risk that a disgruntled employee or someone with a vendetta could easily carry out a data breach and obtain sensitive information that would benefit them. This is why it is so important for businesses to always know who they are hiring to work for them. If you do not perform a background check on your prospective employees then you are opening yourself up to possible disaster. Hackers have become incredibly sophisticated these days. They can use software to steal your information and use it to make millions of dollars. As the consequences of each failed transaction becomes greater, the chance of the business being sued becomes greater.

It may be true that we live in a world where everything is digital. The problem is that we must all be careful about the data that we place online. If we are careless and do not take the time to protect our data then we are inviting the cyber criminals to continue to hack into our computers and steal our precious information. Companies that have been hacked are now starting to take proactive steps to protect themselves by implementing tight security measures and improving their security procedures so that the next time a hacker targets them they will not be able to get much information from the company.

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