If you have been using a computer for any length of time, you know how important it is to have some cool thumb drives in your arsenal. You know that if you need to transfer a large amount of information to a laptop or other computer that you need to do so immediately. However, it’s important to also know how to protect that information while you’re in transit. Read on to learn about several cool thumb drive protection options that you may want to consider.

One option that you have is the flash drive. You’ve probably seen these already, and they are everywhere. These small but powerful devices are used for everything from simple data storage to playing high definition video games. While flash is great for storing content, it is susceptible to damage and will need to be serviced from time to time. Since you won’t have any problem with this, most people have one or two of these for use at any one time. However, the ability to flash information onto these small USB thumb drives is only really effective if you don’t use them on a regular basis.

A second option that you have is a mini-USB flash drive. These smaller than normal drives, which make them ideal for keeping on hand in case you need to work on something on the go. You can put just about anything on these little USB mini-drives and transfer them using software. However, you won’t have as many different options available when you are looking for cool thumb drives.

An alternative to flash drives is a traditional pen drive. Pen drives have the benefit of being small enough to fit right into your pocket. Plus, you no longer need to worry about formatting your computer to use them. However, they aren’t cheap. In fact, you will find that they start at a very affordable price of under $20. For this price, you get significantly less storage capacity and speed than you will with a typical flash drive.

Cool Thumb Drives

If you want the ultimate in flash drive storage, you should look into purchasing a multi-drive pen. These devices utilize all of the available space on your device to allow you to store more files and information. While it does not compare to a flash drive in terms of storage volume, it is still a handy way to enjoy all of your cool usb flash drives features.

One final type of cool USB flash drives are the mini disk. These are USB mini disk drive solutions that provide almost the same amount of storage space as a traditional USB flash drive. However, the biggest advantage is the smaller size. This makes these much easier to carry around. Many people carry several of these around at once for organization purposes.

The last type of cool USB thumb drives that we are going to discuss are physically lockable usb thumb drive devices. A physical lockable drive means that you are unable to copy or move files from it. The reason behind this is to protect your data. If you were to lose your data due to a flood, a virus, or something else, you would need to find another way to retrieve it. A physical lock on a device prevents that.

As you can see, there are several different types of cool usb drives that you can take advantage of. Which one you choose depends upon what you are looking to get out of it. Are you looking for increased storage space to organize your files? If so, one of these would be a great option for you.

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