CSPO Online is a premier company for any executive in sales, IT and networking who wants to develop their business. With CSPO Online, you are able to read insightful articles that are used for networking by top sales executives. This gives the executive the ability to read other people’s thoughts on certain topics and gain insight. CSPO offers leadership development classes to help executives realize their goals.

The editorial department at CSPO Online has published many top quality business magazines, including CSPO Innovate, Deal Book, Fast Company, HBR, Hot Trends, Personal Touch and Wall Street Journal. The business magazine inserts are ranked extremely well throughout the world and are used by millions of readers. The CSPO editorial staff has won the Smart Business Awards four times, which is an indication of the high quality work they do on a daily basis. This is a great endorsement of the quality of work they do.

The CSPO online site is managed by CSPO Publishing, which is led by Chief Information Security Officer Patrick McConnahe. The goal of the company is to specialize in risk management solutions and security breach reviews. All of the content is written by P. McConnahe and his team of writers. If you have an important stake in maintaining your company’s network, CSPO Online can provide you with top quality information and help you make the right choices. They also offer other types of products, such as annual planning guides and a Risk Management Forum.

As a member of the CSPO news service, you will have access to the editor-in-chief, Marc Ferranti, who is based in Italy. Ferranti’s focus areas are Networking and Sales. He hopes that with CSPO News Service you are given an idea of how the industry thinks and works. There is a CSPO online forum that is moderated by Ferranti. This forum provides a means for readers and other professionals to communicate with each other about news and events within the industry. You can send emails to the editor-in-chief.


The CIO news blog is written by editorial directors from around the world. Their focus is on how technology is impacting business. Each of the CIOs write an in-depth article that discusses their experience and review the current trends. If you need a CIO’s opinion, you can send an email to the editorial director. If you want to read an article from an expert, you can browse through the archives or look up the person’s name in the search engine.

Executive Director Matt Egan directs CSPO Newsroom. Matt Egan has over six years of experience as a network marketing executive. Prior to working as an executive for Legg and Plank, Egan was the global sales director for Alliance Direct Global. Alliance was a direct sales network company owned by Legg and Plank. Prior to joining Alliance Direct Global, Matt worked as the global sales director for Tri Force Max, another direct selling company owned by Legg and Plank.

Global content editor Galen Gruman oversees all CSPO online news articles. In her role as an Executive Editor at CSPO, she has had articles published in PR Web News, MSN Money, Allure, Entrepreneur, and SmartMoney. She has a Bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Maryland. Prior to working at CSPO, Galen held positions at Business Executives Institute, where she served as Senior Communications Specialist and Marketing Manager. Additionally, she was a communications specialist for the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

Yogesh Gupta is a freelance writer who serves as the Global Content Editor for CSPO. Previously, he served as the Executive Editor for Yahoo! Finance as well as Business Week. Prior to working at CSPO, he served as Senior Editor for MTV Games Channel, contributing to that company’s gaming coverage.

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