This article is a quick guide to help you hire remote developers, as well as tips for helping your remote team stay productive and happy. Remote work has become a popular approach among modern businesses, as it gives employees the freedom to work from home. Companies are finding this approach to be beneficial in many ways. Remote workers tend to be more productive and tend to be less prone to stress. If you’re looking to hire developers for your organisation, then read on!

Tips for Hiring Remote Developers

With many options to pick from in the market, finding the best remote developers can be challenging. However, following these few ideas on how to recruit the best remote partners should make your hiring process smoother.

Define Your Development Needs

Before you embark on your hiring process, it is essential to clearly define your project requirements. That helps you determine what kind of resource/skillset you need and adequately budget for the project.

Apart from identifying what you need and your budget, choosing a deadline that works for both you and your remote employee is ideal. For these reasons, it is essential to clearly define your needs and goals when hiring remote developers.

Organize Interviews

Interviewing remote developers is an ideal way to determine their level of skills and experience in relation to your project. Additionally, it can help you choose a suitable candidate from multiple applicants you believe are qualified for the job.

You can divide the interviewing process into two sections;

  • Video-chatting – These virtual interviews allow you to ask the applicants basic questions to help you know more about them.
  • Technical screening – In this part, you should check the applicants’ CVs and check out their technical skills that align with your project.

Ask for Referrals

Do you have a friend or colleague who recently completed their project with the help of remote developers? If yes, then you are in luck.

Asking for references makes it easier for you to hire reliable remote developers, thus saving you the time and resources you would have spent trying to search from one online platform to another. Ensure you get at least two or three referrals, compare them and choose the best team of remote developers for your project.

Recruit the Best Remote Developers Online

If you are looking for a remote developer, you ought to start by searching online on platforms. As these individuals are IT specialists, most of them spend a significant amount of their time on the internet. Therefore, posting your remote developer job on these platforms can be the easiest way to attract applicants.

However, you need to be careful when hiring remote developers online. Every remote developer already knows the portals frequented by employers when looking to recruit a specialist. It is advisable to avoid posting your projects on these platforms if you want to get the right remote developer for your job.

The IT industry is pretty competitive today, with new specialists getting into the market every day. Although that can be a good thing for an employer, it is harder to hire the best remote developers for projects. Follow these few guidelines to ensure a softer and easier hiring process.

Tips for Helping Your Remote Developers Team Stay Productive and Happy

Once you hire remote developers, how do you keep the team happy and productive? The answer to this question can vary from one team to the other. However, you can help your remote developers find a healthy work-life balance by implementing proper practices.

Here are a few methods to keep a happy and productive team of remote developers.

Maintain Healthy Communication

Communication has always been an effective way to manage a team of employees, whether working remotely or in-office. Engaging your remote developers regularly makes them feel valued and appreciated, which often boosts their confidence and productivity. You can use any form of communications, emails, messaging or even video chats to communicate with your remote developers, depending on how close you have gotten.

Reward Productivity

It always feels great to be appreciated for the effort we put in at work. Saying a simple ‘thank you, job well done’ can go a long way to ensuring your remote developer is happy and motivated at work. Another way to show appreciation is by offering bonuses for the most hardworking members of the team.

This valuable motivation strategy ensures other team members work towards getting the same rewards, resulting in a productive team.

Set Attainable Goals

Another way to ensure a happy and productive remote developers team is by setting attainable goals. If you set strict deadlines, you may end up losing your remote employees as not many people would love to work under pressure.

Realistic and attainable goals stretch the abilities of your remote developers but remain achievable, making them both happy and productive at work.

Although there are plenty of ways to make your remote developers’ team productive, these are the few that have worked for many employers. Follow these tips, among others, to ensure the best out of your remote employees.