No code data science platforms are Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms or tools that require you with no programming knowledge to develop models. These platforms enable different people to use them without any coding skills. AI tools make it easy for people whose jobs require the use of AI but don’t want to be programmers to build models effortlessly.

The last decade has seen a surge in AI technology and machine learning in terms of applications and capabilities. In the past, you had to be a computer engineer or a data scientist to code or develop applications.

AI technology and machine learning have now exploded with no-code AI platforms accessible to everyone. The tech market is now flooded with machine learning platforms and tools that give people the computing power of big AI companies like Apple without any coding skills or knowledge.

Data science

Data science is a field of study that extracts useful and meaningful information and insights from data by combining programming skills, mathematics, statistics, and domain knowledge. Data scientists apply machine learning algorithms to raw data such as audio, video, images, etc to develop AI systems that perform tasks that would require human intelligence, often using a no-code data science dashboard.

Data science is important as it can be applied in different aspects of life. Most companies apply data science, machine learning, and AI in their operations to remain competitive.

A data scientist is a professional that collects, analyzes, and interprets large amounts of data. Data scientists employ advanced analytical technologies such as machine learning and AI to manipulate data. These tools can be used to detect patterns, relationships, and trends in large data sets. They use large data amounts to make inferences, analyse market and customer trends and develop different hypotheses.

No-coding Data Science and Business

Machine Learning and AI technologies are very important in any business. Businesses use these technologies to develop and deploy smarter software models that ensure all business operations run smoothly.

The execution of data science tasks requires proper programming knowledge or Data Scientists. It was a challenge to big companies and start-ups since data scientists’ services don’t come cheap. Thanks to the surge in zero coding tools companies and business organizations build and deploy models with no coding.

The no-code AI and ML platforms make businesses keep up with current trends around the world without hiring or outsourcing the expertise of an expert coder. Zero codings AI and ML bridge the huge gap that has existed between non-coders and Data Scientists.

Benefits of no-code data science and approaches:

  • Anyone with no programming skills can build no-code apps
  • Custom and automated workflow
  • Enhances innovation
  • Reduces development time
  • Agility
  • Fun and engaging
  • Increases productivity
  • Ease of use

The future of No-code platforms

Most businesses are shifting to zero-code platforms for various reasons. Slow project delivery due to less access to software engineers and developers encourages the shift. Businesses cannot afford the services of programming experts hence there’s an effect on the workforce.

Research shows 65% of application development by the year 2024 will be executed using low code or no code Platforms. The statistics show people are embracing these Platforms as they have high productivity gains. Organisations and businesses will use these Platforms to digitize and automate their operations through cloud-based mobile apps.

No-code approach to Data Science, AI, and ML

It is crucial to possess knowledge of a no-code approach to get your work done fast and efficiently when manipulating data. No-code approaches have increased and become so popular in this age of intelligence.

AI technology and Data Science is a very complex and complicated field to apply the no-code approach without having coding knowledge or the technical know-how of the no-code platforms. These approaches make data cleaning and predictions easy. The automation and task execution without any programming languages such as python.

No-code AI Platforms

Below are just a few no-code AI platforms:


This is a no-code platform that helps companies develop chatbots, self-service tools, virtual assistants, etc. The platform offers scalable compliance solutions that were manually performed traditionally. It is used by services within HR, security functions, legal, and tax.


FRITZ is a Machine Learning tool used by smartphone app designers such as iOS, SnapML, and Android in Lens Studio. You can use the studio to develop projects or use pre-trained projects and models. Integrations in this platform require some coding knowledge. It provides analytics, model training, and easy deployment solutions.


It is an ML commoditized open-source zero-code platform for application integration and business analysts. The ML platform helps companies make data-driven decisions with its massive library of ML algorithms. The algorithms read through massive data, organise the data into sets and develop data models. It provides immediate user access as well as ease of exportation to any server.

Create ML by Apple

It is also a no-code Machine Learning platform created by Apple to develop and train machine learning models on its Mac. models can be trained using NLP (natural language processing) to recognise images, find patterns and relationships in numerical and extract meaning in a text. You can train different models in a single project with different datasets. The projects can be stored on Apple’s cloud.


The end-to-end user AI platform is fast and easy to develop and deploy predictive models. The tool supports model preparation, building, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of AI applications at scale.

Google AutoML

This is a no-code platform that allows users to use AI to develop effective predictive models using regular image data and texts while integrating Google Slides, Google Sheets, etc. it offers NLP analysis, video intelligence, AutoML translation, and image classification. It also offers pre-trained models for users.

Obviously AI

Obviously AI is a no-code ML tool that enables accurate predictions and analytics by asking natural language questions and not in programming languages. It finds the right algorithm for use as the model training is streamlined and can be used immediately.

RapidMiner Studio

RapidMiner Studio is a zero-code tool that allows for data analytics building using images and drag/drop features. The platform easily connects to social media, warehouses, and databases enabling ease of sharing and data access for everyone.

Teachable Machine

The no-code tool is web-based and allows for ML models designed by users. The models can easily be accessed by anyone. The computer is fed a variety of examples to make it learn. The computer then classifies the data which can be checked for verification. The application also offers the freedom for live capture data and the use of files.