USB flash drive tester is a third-party utility tool for testing USB storage devices such as pen drives and other memory cards whether it’s MMC orTF cards. The tool is downloadable through the web. Just follow the installation instructions. It may take a few minutes.

Once installed, you can begin USB flash drive testing. This is done by following the prompts on your computer and clicking the next button. The tool will continue to work even if there are power losses or power fluctuations because it is designed to function even without power. Once the tool finishes scanning your USB storage device, it will display a complete and detailed report of what it found on your device.

In order to make sure your tool works well, download and save your reports after the download completes. Open the saved file. The report should be in PDF format. Click the button “Open in Explorer.” Your tool should open in Explorer window just like any other program. If your USB drives are connected to your computer using another application, make sure the program is also opened before you run the USB flash drive tester.

Usb Flash Drive Tester

Next, you need to launch the tool. This is done by clicking on the “USB Flash Drive Testing Tool” icon that is located at the bottom left corner of the main menu. The program will prompt you to launch it. Follow the onscreen instructions.

When the tool is open, you can perform the first step of your testing for your usb flash drive tester. This is to launch the “Logical Memory Card Leveling Utility.” It is located in the “Programs” folder. You may need to add / remove / modify some existing programs to get the tool to work with your memory card. The tool will ask you to insert the memory card, or the pen drives, into the usb flash drive tester.

After the device is connected to the tester, the machine should display data as soon as possible. Once data is collected, you can view the results in the system tray, or better yet, you can view the results in a separate window. Then, you can check which type of errors your portable media include. This is very useful for companies that use USB flash drives for transactions and business, but they need to check which type of errors their employees, clients, or customers will encounter while using the USB flash drives.

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